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What to Do In Case You Are Locked Out of the House

There is nothing annoying than locking the door behind you then realizing that you have locked yourself out. The lucky thing is that, there are effective ways you can use to avoid this tragedy. In the event that you lose your keys and do not have an extra key placed anywhere, you will want to consider using the guide below to ensure you get back into your house.
If by any chance you can find an open window, then you can climb in and access your house. However, that doesn’t mean that the window should be physically open. Even when it is locked it should be enough. That being said, it can be challenging reaching your first-floor windows. Fortunately there are no problems when breaking into the house like being caught since you are the owner. Access your backyard or any place you store your lawn chairs and use them for a lift up. Now that the chair has given you a lift up, and you can reach your window, slide the screen upwards; but make sure you do not remove it. Once the screen is slid up, now access the glass of the window. Lift the glass and if you are cannot do that try to press against the glass but do not use excessive force to avoid breaking it. You should be landing safely after climbing into the window if you are lucky that there is a couch beneath the window to break your fall. In case you cannot find furniture to help you land safely, here is how you can make a soft landing. Do not entirely climb through the window, try stretching, nimble and flex your limbs – it will be a lot easier.
However, the advice above may not be any help if you are the type of people who keep their windows entirely locked. In such instance, you will need to use an upstairs window. You will not access the window using the lawn chair, making the process harder but not impossible. You may need to break into your garage or cabin and get a ladder. Once you have gotten the ladder, you should now reach your second-floor window; utilize the guidelines outlined above to open your upstairs window.
Another idea that may come in handy is picking the padlock. If you have no padlock picking skills, do not worry because we will guide you on how to get past your padlock in the garden shed or garage. To pick the lock, a tension wrench and a lock pick are a must-have. In case you cannot find one, look for paper clips inside your car. Hold your padlock right way up, look at the keyhole and use the paper clip pieces to unlock it.